4th International Congress on Environmental Research and Technology (ICERAT)

Although it is a common understanding that the most important heritage which we will leave to the next generation is the environment, unfortunately it seems to repair the destruction that has already taken place. Bees, that are known as among the closest friends of environment, will find place on the agenda of The 4th International Congress on Environmental Research and Technology (ICERAT), which has been scheduled to take place in Athens between November 14th and 18th, 2018.
ICERAT 2018 mainly covers Water Pollution Control, Wastewater, Air Pollution Control, Solid Waste, Exposure to Soil Pollution, Soil Pollution, Renewable Energy Sources, Persistent Organic Pollutants: Environment and Extermination, Biology, Hydrobiology and Ecology.
Also, this year we focus on bees and environment [wild bees, commercial bees, foraging plants, bee health, bee use in organic farming and good agricultural practices (cleaner agriculture), monitoring bees and also bee products to find out the possible residuals, bee hotels and their positive/negative sides, bees use as model organisms to detect environmental problems]. The aim of the conference is to meet leading academicians, policy makers, independent scholars and researchers to share their knowledge, new ideas as well as to discuss future development in these fields.


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